Photograph by Joanna Rhodes

Photograph by Joanna Rhodes


An evolving plethora of skills and ideas are brought together to produce things needing to be touched to prompt a brief moment of existence and connect you to the world. A gift from my hands to yours. A journey through surface texture and mark-making….

I started out wanting to change the world and get to grips with my own experience of existing. This was when I realised that the sense of touch was fundamental to being present and interacting with the world. I make work to be touched as an alternative to the culturally dominant voyeuristic and passive gaze of digital life. To make and create connections.

I let the clay and my sub-conscious guide my pieces and often get lost in the indulgence of the making process. The world is a complicated place so I like to keep things simple. I am fascinated with imperfections and like to relinquish a little control and utilise the properties of the clay. Making work from the earth connects me to it.

My favourite hang-out is the beach and I love walks in the woods. A spiritual connection to the natural world along with a sense of impermanence and the appreciation of the fragility of life. I have always been fascinated with the idea that objects and environments often exist beyond the lifespan of any one person. And every place or space is in constant flux.

Life & influences are inevitably brought into the mix. I connect with my female heritage and dabble with sewing and knitting. I value the beauty of minimalism and identify with concepts of Zen. My aim is to capture a freshness and spontaneity to create work that is constantly developing.


I try to live my life as ethically as possible but I’m not perfect. I recycle, I use eco friendly, biodegradable natural products, I eat organic (when possible), I’m almost vegan (just eggs and a bit of cheese Gromit oh & a bit of honey - I’m getting there). The business side of things is gradually catching-up. I am striving to be as eco-conscious as possible. My jewellery boxes are made from recycled cardboard. I use paper bags and boxes that can be re-used and recycled. I repurpose old furniture & items for displays. I found a great eco printing company for my cards. And I’ve recently purchased an electric hybrid vehicle, reducing my pollution output!